2017 Christmas Tag


I was tagged by Diana at The Bookish Sisters. Thanks for the tag! No idea who created the tag, so can’t give credit where it’s due. Here we go!


Favorite Christmas movie and why?
I’m going to have to go with Elf. It’s hilarious, and I just love it so much.


Top three songs on your Christmas playlist?
I don’t really listen to Christmas music much, but I’ll pick The Christmas Shoes, Silent Night, and probably White Christmas.


Favorite Christmas tradition?
I guess opening presents on Christmas Eve while eating snacks? I live away from my family now, so most of the traditions (decorating the tree, baking cookies, etc.) are done before I visit for the holidays.


What is on your Christmas bucket list?
Watching more Christmas movies? I’ve only seen a couple so far this year.


Buddy the Elf or Ebeneezer Scrooge?
Definitely Buddy the Elf. See my first answer above haha.


Favorite thing about Christmas for you? (Alternative if a parent; Best thing about being a parent at Christmas?)
Being around my family/getting time off work.


What is one present you asked for as a child but never received?
I honestly don’t remember. I think I usually got what I wanted back when I was a kid.


Do you have any Christmas Eve traditions?
Yes, see an above answer. We usually celebrate on Christmas Eve.


Which festive beverage tickles your tinsel?
Well seeing as how I can’t have most of the drinks now due to healthier eating habits, I’ll say wine. Otherwise it would probably be hot chocolate.


Best present you ever received?
I got a white Barbie Jeep back when I was like 6-7 years old, and I freaking loved it so much. I’d drive around the yard, and my sister, who was 13-14 years old, usually invited herself along as a passenger.


Sprouts on Christmas dinner? Yay or nay?
Never had them, so we’ll say nay. I’ve never even heard of that tradition, if it is one.


What is your ideal Christmas?
A holiday where no one fights.


I’m tagging anyone who wants to do this. Happy holidays everyone!

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