A Reader’s Worst Nightmare [8]


I started this during October for #blogtober, but I have more reader nightmares, so I’m going to keep sharing until I run out. It’s nice being able to commiserate with fellow readers sometimes. Here’s nightmare number eight:



I know this isn’t really anyone’s fault, because life happens, but delayed release dates suck. It’s good on one hand, because you’re getting the best book you can get (extra editing time, more eyes looking it over, etc.). But on the other hand, you’ve been waiting for like forever since the book deal was announced, and you think you’re going to get it on the release date they first announced. And then the release date is delayed, and you have to wait even longer. TORTURE! You’ll get the book eventually, but the extra waiting time is definitely a drag.


I ran out reader’s worst nightmare for now, but I might come up with more by next week. Stay tuned. Let me know your thoughts about delayed release dates in the comments below.

18 thoughts to “A Reader’s Worst Nightmare [8]”

  1. This really is a nightmare. I’m waiting for the next book in the Rusk University series and that one has been pushed back multiple times already.

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