A Reader’s Worst Nightmare [7]


I started this during October for #blogtober, but I have more reader nightmares, so I’m going to keep sharing until I run out. It’s nice being able to commiserate with fellow readers sometimes. Here’s nightmare number seven:



Some readers, myself included, can be very particular about their books. We don’t want them to be mishandled, and some of us REALLY want them to match. All hardcover, or all paperback, or all the same size book (one can’t be slightly taller/shorter than the rest). And something that can be painful is when publishers switch the cover art direction partway through the series. I mean I understand why they do it sometimes (to promote POC on the cover is a great reason), but sometimes the cover changes just don’t make sense to me. Don’t hate me, but I don’t like the cover for Tower of Dawn (no spoilers because I still haven’t read Empire of Storms). There’s a person on all the covers before that book, and then it’s like a shield on Tower of Dawn. Like what even? It doesn’t match, and I don’t like it.


Tune in next week to see my eighth reader’s worst nightmare. Let me know your thoughts about mismatched series in the comments below.

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  1. Actually this doesn’t bother me much anymore since I own way too many series that are partially in Hungarian, partially in English. I do like having them mainly in paperback but I really don’t care about it anymore. Especially since I organise my books by colours.
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