A Reader’s Worst Nightmare [6]


I started this during October for #blogtober, but I have more reader nightmares, so I’m going to keep sharing until I run out. It’s nice being able to commiserate with fellow readers sometimes. Here’s nightmare number six:



You only have a certain amount of money to spend on books, and you just bought one you’ve been IMPATIENTLY waiting to read. And then there are typos, and grammatically incorrect sentences, all over the place. It’s frustrating for some readers (and writers) to see that. The book has gone through so many passes and sets of eyes, and yet it still has a ton of errors. I know typos happen all the time. A couple here and there isn’t a huge deal. But if the book is scattered with them, I notice…which pulls me out of the enjoyment of the book for a few moments. My mind stops focusing on the book, and instead focuses on the errors. And as a reader who wants to devour books cover to cover, it’s not a good thing.


Tune in next week to see my seventh reader’s worst nightmare. Let me know your thoughts about poorly edited books in the comments below.

18 thoughts to “A Reader’s Worst Nightmare [6]”

  1. This is annoying. I don’t always notice typo’s because English isn’t my first language. But sometimes even I notice and then I’m like. How did none of you not notice and I do.

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