End of the Year Book Tag


I was tagged by Linda from Linda’s Little Library. Thanks for the tag! This tag was created by Ariel Bisset. Let’s get started.


Are there any books you started this year that you need to finish?
Ones I started recently for various readathons: The Royal We by Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan, Christmas Eve at Friday Harbor by Lisa Kleypas, and The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue by Mackenzi Lee.


Do you have an autumnal book to transition into the end of the year?
Not really autumnal, but I’m reading a Christmas one (see above answer) to get in the holiday spirit.


Is there a new release you’re still waiting for?
A lot haha. I sound like a broken record, but I’ll say The Cruel Prince by Holly Black is one of my most anticipated new releases that I want now.


What are three books you want to read before the end of the year?
Umm…I’m not sure since I’m such a mood reader. I’ll go with Dreams of Gods & Monsters by Laini Taylor, Lover Revealed by J.R. Ward, and Fraternize by Rachel Van Dyken.


Is there a book you think could still shock you and become your favorite book of the year?
Maybe Stalking Jack the Ripper by Kerri Maniscalco? Not really my usual type of book, but so many people love it.


Have you already started making reading plans for 2018?
Barely. There’s a reading challenge for next year called Bookopoly2018 that I’m considering joining, so might plan a small TBR for that soon.


I’m tagging anyone that wants to do this one!

Waiting on Wednesday [65]

waiting on wednesday2


Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly meme, hosted by Breaking the Spine, that spotlights upcoming releases that we’re eagerly awaiting.


There are so many books I’m excited about, so I’ll definitely keep doing Waiting on Wednesday. With that said, here’s my pick that I can’t wait for.


Title: Roomies
Author: Christina Lauren
Publisher: Gallery Books
Publication date: December 5, 2017
Summary (via Goodreads): Marriages of convenience are so…inconvenient.

Rescued by Calvin McLoughlin from a would-be subway attacker, Holland Bakker pays the brilliant musician back by pulling some of her errand-girl strings and getting him an audition with a big-time musical director. When the tryout goes better than even Holland could have imagined, Calvin is set for a great entry into Broadway—until he admits his student visa has expired and he’s in the country illegally.

Holland impulsively offers to wed the Irishman to keep him in New York, her growing infatuation a secret only to him. As their relationship evolves from awkward roommates to besotted lovers, Calvin becomes the darling of Broadway. In the middle of the theatrics and the acting-not-acting, what will it take for Holland and Calvin to realize that they both stopped pretending a long time ago?

Why I Chose This Book:

I’ve enjoyed what I’ve read by Christina Lauren so far, especially Autoboyography, so I can’t wait to read more from this duo of authors. The summary sounds amazing, and I really like the cover even though it might be kind of simple. I still have quite a bit to read from these ladies, so yay for that. My future self can’t wait to dive in.


What upcoming releases are you most excited about?

Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Books On My Winter TBR



Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. Every week there’s a new topic for a top ten list.


This week’s topic is Top Ten Books On My Winter TBR.



1. The Cruel Prince by Holly Black  This book needs to be published already! I’m so freaking ready for it, and I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve read from this author so far.

2. Taming Him by Kennedy Fox  I finished the first Checkmate Duet duology (Travis and Viola), and really liked it. So I signed up to read the eARCs for the new series (Bishop Brothers). Super excited!

3. Christmas Eve at Friday Harbor by Lisa Kleypas – I’m going to be reading this one, and guest posting a review on Jessica’s blog (Reading with Jessica). Yay! Look for that sometime in December.

4. Nice Try, Jane Sinner by Lianne Oelke – This one sounds really good, and like something that’ll resonate with me. I have an eARC from Netgalley, so I’m excited to start this one sometime soon (hopefully).

5. A Place in the Sun by R.S. Grey – The other day on Instagram, the author said to start with this book out of all of hers. But since I didn’t, I want to read it next before I get to her other books.


6. A Court of Wings and Ruin by Sarah J. Maas  I’ve been so bad by not having read this one yet. I re-read A Court of Thorns and Roses earlier this year, and will re-read A Court of Mist and Fury soon before reading this beauty.

7. Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo – I loved The Grisha trilogy, so I definitely need to read this duology. I’ve heard amazing things, and a little bit of a spoiler, so I’m planning on reading them ASAP. #squadgoals

8. Say You’ll Remember Me by Katie McGarry – I loved the first two books of Katie’s Thunder Road series (haven’t read the third), so I can’t wait to read another book by her. And this one sounds amazing.

9. American Panda by Gloria Chao – This is another book I’m super excited about. I’ve heard good things, and the cover is just so cute. And the summary makes me want the book right now.

10. Renegades by Marissa Meyer – The Lunar Chronicles were amazing (haven’t read Stars Above yet), so I can’t wait to see what else this author comes up with. I took the quiz, and I’m an Anarchist.


Have you read any of the books I listed here? If so, what’d you think of them?

Audiobook Review: This is War by Kennedy Fox

Title: This is War
Author: Kennedy Fox
Series: Checkmate Duet #1
Publisher: Audible Audio
Publication date: October 3, 2016
Length: 8 hrs and 54 mins
Source: Purchased
Summary (via Goodreads): Coming from a new duo of bestselling authors, The Checkmate Duet


*An enemies to lovers romance*


Travis King is the worst kind of asshole.
He taunts me for being a good girl and mocks my high standards.
He’s cruel, crass, and has enough confidence to last two lifetimes.
And I hate him.


It wouldn’t matter so much if he were avoidable.


But considering he’s my older brother’s best friend and roommate, I see him more than I’d ever want to.


His sculpted abs and gorgeous eyes are a waste on such an egotistical man, which makes me hate him even more.


Even though I’ve had a crush on him since I was ten, the feelings weren’t mutual and he’s always made that very clear.


He’s always loved getting under my skin and one night against my better judgment, I let him in my bed.


I’ve succumbed to his manwhore ways, but that doesn’t change a thing.


Because the King is about to get played at his own game—and lose.






This was pretty good. Travis was kind of a dick for like at least half the book, and made me a little uncomfortable with his words and actions. But nevertheless, I enjoyed the audiobook for the most part, so it’s getting 4 stars. I can’t give it 5, because of the issues with Travis.


The narrator was good, and I found myself smiling and laughing quite a bit while listening. Forewarning: this is kind of a scandalous book. And by kind of, I mean it is! It’s definitely for a mature audience. I enjoyed Viola for the most part, and even Travis eventually. My mind was super undecided about him for a while though. But I definitely think it helped that it was dual POV; that way we got to see inside his head, to see what he was thinking/feeling. Otherwise I might have straight up hated him for like 60%+ of the book. Sorry, not sorry.


That ending though! I was kind of expecting it, but I was still like what the crap when it happened. Get ready for a cliffhanger, everyone! It definitely made me want to read the second book ASAP. I think I’ll listen to the audiobook again. And to discuss the other characters, I’ll say that I really liked Courtney, and even Drew. They’re secondary characters right now, but I can’t wait to see more from them. Finally, can I just gush about how amazing the cover is? Hello handsome!


A Reader’s Worst Nightmare [8]


I started this during October for #blogtober, but I have more reader nightmares, so I’m going to keep sharing until I run out. It’s nice being able to commiserate with fellow readers sometimes. Here’s nightmare number eight:



I know this isn’t really anyone’s fault, because life happens, but delayed release dates suck. It’s good on one hand, because you’re getting the best book you can get (extra editing time, more eyes looking it over, etc.). But on the other hand, you’ve been waiting for like forever since the book deal was announced, and you think you’re going to get it on the release date they first announced. And then the release date is delayed, and you have to wait even longer. TORTURE! You’ll get the book eventually, but the extra waiting time is definitely a drag.


I ran out reader’s worst nightmare for now, but I might come up with more by next week. Stay tuned. Let me know your thoughts about delayed release dates in the comments below.

Stacking the Shelves [44]

Stacking the Shelves


Stacking the Shelves is a weekly meme hosted by Tynga’s Reviews. Stacking the Shelves is about sharing the books you’re adding to your shelves. You can include books you buy in a physical store or online, books your borrow from the library or friends, review books, gifts and eBooks.


Here’s some Kindle deals I’ve gotten in the past couple months, and some things I borrowed from the library.


With that said, here are the books I’ve bought, borrowed, and received:








What are you Stacking the Shelves with this week? Any books you can’t wait to read?

First Lines Fridays [2]


First Lines Fridays is a weekly feature for book lovers hosted by Wandering Words. What if instead of judging a book by its cover, its author or its prestige, we judged it by its opening lines?

  • Pick a book off your shelf (it could be your current read or on your TBR) and open to the first page
  • Copy the first few lines, but don’t give anything else about the book away just yet – you need to hook the reader first
  • Finally… reveal the book!



There was a demon in McDonald’s.

And it had a powerful hunger for Big Macs.

















White Hot Kiss by Jennifer L. Armentrout

One kiss could be the last

Seventeen-year-old Layla just wants to be normal. But with a kiss that kills anything with a soul, she’s anything but normal. Half demon, half gargoyle, Layla has abilities no one else possesses.

Raised among the Wardens—a race of gargoyles tasked with hunting demons and keeping humanity safe—Layla tries to fit in, but that means hiding her own dark side from those she loves the most. Especially Zayne, the swoon-worthy, incredibly gorgeous and completely off-limits Warden she’s crushed on since forever.

Then she meets Roth—a tattooed, sinfully hot demon who claims to know all her secrets. Layla knows she should stay away, but she’s not sure she wants to—especially when that whole no-kissing thing isn’t an issue, considering Roth has no soul.

But when Layla discovers she’s the reason for the violent demon uprising, trusting Roth could not only ruin her chances with Zayne…it could brand her a traitor to her family. Worse yet, it could become a one-way ticket to the end of the world.


Would you read this book based on the first lines? Let me know in the comments!

ARC Review: Hooking Up by Helena Hunting

Title: Hooking Up
Author: Helena Hunting
Series: Shacking Up #2
Publisher: Swerve
Publication date: November 7, 2017
Pages: 444
Source: Netgalley
Summary (via Goodreads): Amalie Whitfield is the picture of a blushing bride during her wedding reception–but for all the wrong reasons. Instead of proclaiming his undying love, her husband can be heard, by Amalie and their guests, getting off with someone else. She has every reason to freak out, and in a moment of insanity, she throws herself at the first hot-blooded male she sees. But he’s not interested in becoming her revenge screw.


Mortified and desperate to escape the post-wedding drama, Amalie decides to go on her honeymoon alone, only to find the man who rejected her also heading to the same tiny island for work. But this time he isn’t holding back. She should know better than to sleep with someone she knows, but she can’t seem to resist him.


They might agree that what happens on the island should stay on the island, but neither one can deny that their attraction is more than just physical.


Filled with hilariously scandalous situations and enough sexual chemistry to power an airplane from New York City to the South Pacific, Hooking Up is the next standalone, laugh-out-loud romantic comedy from Helena Hunting, the New York Times bestselling author of the Pucked series and Shacking Up.




I really liked this one. It’s a longer book, but it flew by because I was invested in the characters. I enjoyed all of them, except the ones I was meant to hate. Thank you Netgalley for providing me a copy in exchange for a honest review. I’m giving it 4.5 out of 5 stars.


I connected with Amalie’s character quite a bit. I felt heartbroken with her. Obviously based on the summary there’s cheating in this one. The progression between her and the mystery guy was believable, especially when we get to see both sides of their story. I’m not usually a huge dual POV fan, but this one was done well. I liked seeing his side of things A LOT.


The mystery guy was fabulous in my opinion. Can I have one of my very own? I’m not going to say his name, although it becomes very apparent who it will be at the beginning of the book. He’s definitely going on my book boyfriend list. Sexy, swoony, and super sweet when he wants to be. The perfect combination.


I loved the interactions between the main characters, and even loved some of the secondary characters like Ruby, and Bane. I found myself smiling and chuckling to myself several times while reading. I definitely need to see what else this author has written, because I want more. If you love romance, and don’t mind some cheating, then definitely check this one out!


Waiting on Wednesday [64]

waiting on wednesday2


Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly meme, hosted by Breaking the Spine, that spotlights upcoming releases that we’re eagerly awaiting.


There are so many books I’m excited about, so I’ll definitely keep doing Waiting on Wednesday. With that said, here’s my pick that I can’t wait for.


Title: The Cruel Prince
Author: Holly Black
Publisher: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
Publication date: January 2, 2018
Summary (via Goodreads): Of course I want to be like them. They’re beautiful as blades forged in some divine fire. They will live forever.

And Cardan is even more beautiful than the rest. I hate him more than all the others. I hate him so much that sometimes when I look at him, I can hardly breathe.

Jude was seven years old when her parents were murdered and she and her two sisters were stolen away to live in the treacherous High Court of Faerie. Ten years later, Jude wants nothing more than to belong there, despite her mortality. But many of the fey despise humans. Especially Prince Cardan, the youngest and wickedest son of the High King.

To win a place at the Court, she must defy him–and face the consequences.

In doing so, she becomes embroiled in palace intrigues and deceptions, discovering her own capacity for bloodshed. But as civil war threatens to drown the Courts of Faerie in violence, Jude will need to risk her life in a dangerous alliance to save her sisters, and Faerie itself.

Why I Chose This Book:

This one sounds freaking fantastic based on the summary, and I’ve read a couple books by this author, and really enjoyed them. I’m not a huge fantasy reader (I gravitated towards contemporary romance), but I’ve been trying to read more. And this one is definitely one of my most anticipated releases for 2018. I love the cover even though it’s pretty simple, and I’m glad this one will be at least a trilogy, because I think I’m going to get hooked on the story and want more!


What upcoming releases are you most excited about?

Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Books I’m Thankful For



Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. Every week there’s a new topic for a top ten list.


This week’s topic is Top Ten Books I’m Thankful For (Happy Thanksgiving week in the USA).



1. Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling This series is forever on my lists. It’s one of my absolute favorites. I wrote lots of fanfiction, had my first literary crush (Draco Malfoy), and lost myself in these books.

2. The Start of Me and You by Emery Lord  Such an amazing book! I connected with Paige’s character a lot, and I adored Max. I highly recommend this book to everyone.

3. Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli – I devoured this book in one sitting (staying up way too late on a work night to finish). It’s adorable, and I can’t wait to re-read it for many years.

4. Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell – Cath is me in so many ways, so this book is definitely going to resonate with me. Another book I recommend all the time.

5. Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo – I LOVE THE DARKLING! And one of my favorite lines is found in this book. Finally look at that gorgeous new cover.


6. A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas  RHYSAND FOR LIFE! I enjoyed book one (and haven’t read book three), but book two was so amazing. Some scenes were fire!

7. The Hating Game by Sally Thorne – I love this book. I picked it up when I was still in a reading slump, and it was exactly what I needed. The banter was great, and Josh is awesome.

8. Perfect Match by Jodi Picoult – I read this book back when I was 16, and fell in love with Jodi’s writing. I quickly devoured most of her books after that.

9. I’ll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson – This is such an amazing book. The writing is lyrical, and gorgeous. Side note: I also enjoyed her other book as well.

10. Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer – A series that I started a year or two after Twilight was first published. Maybe some people don’t like the series, but it was an enjoyable read for me. I even went to the midnight showing of Twilight in theaters (which I’ve never done for any other movie)!


Have you read any of the books I listed here? If so, what’d you think of them?