A Reader’s Worst Nightmare [2]


I needed content for October, because I’m trying to do #blogtober. My mind is stuck on Halloween, so I thought of doing some of the top (in my opinion) pet peeves i.e. nightmares (here’s the Halloween part) that readers have/deal with. I know there’s more pet peeves than how many I can post weekly in October, so maybe I’ll keep going after the month ends until I run out of ideas. We’ll see. Here’s nightmare number two:



Reading slumps are one of the worst things for any reader to experience. The joy of reading is magical, and when you just can’t get into a book no matter how many you try, it’s awful. Whether the reason is because life is a big garbage fire (like most of 2017 has been), you have a book hangover from an amazing read, you’re a huge mood reader and nothing’s peaking your interest, and so on, reading slumps suck. I’ve been in reading slumps that span months. Try not to be too hard on yourself when the next slump comes around. If you’re a reader, your love of books will always come back. My advice would be to find something else to do like binging shows on Netflix/Hulu/Amazon, which is usually my fallback activity. Or if you’re determined to get out of your slump, trying reading in a different format than you usually do. For instance, if you usually read physical copies of books, try an audiobook.


Tune in next week to see my third reader’s worst nightmare. Let me know what you usually do when a reading slump hits you in the comments below.

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