A Reader’s Worst Nightmare [1]


I needed content for October, because I’m trying to do #blogtober. My mind is stuck on Halloween, so I thought of doing some of the top (in my opinion) pet peeves i.e. nightmares (here’s the Halloween part) that readers have/deal with. I know there’s more pet peeves than how many I can post weekly in October, so maybe I’ll keep going after the month ends until I run out of ideas. We’ll see. Here’s nightmare number one:



I don’t know what reader doesn’t hate spoilers. This is probably the number one nightmare of readers around the world. You don’t have time to get around to reading a book, because life happens…and then someone on social media completely ruins it for you, or gives away some major plot points. It’s seriously the worst! I’ve had this happen for too many books: Allegiant, some parts of ACOWAR, and I could keep listing. I usually try to avoid social media for weeks after one of my highly anticipated reads releases if I can’t get around to it right away. But people post spoilers all the time, and half the time they don’t even announce that there’s spoilers. It’s super frustrating.


Tune in next week to see my second reader’s worst nightmare. Let me know what books have been spoiled for you in the comments below.

18 thoughts to “A Reader’s Worst Nightmare [1]”

  1. I have mixed feelings on spoilers, for me it depends on what exactly was spoiled. Like if it’s a major plot point/twist, I hate it, but if it’s a relationship or something minor, then I’m fine with that. Most of the time I spoil myself so I can’t really blame anyone else lol.

    1. Hahahaha. Yeah, I agree major spoilers are the worst. I mean people spoil little things all the time, and even the summaries on Goodreads spoil things too. Those don’t bother me that much.

    1. It really is ridiculous. And I couldn’t agree more. I get people want to talk about the books, but definitely do it in private. Or put a warning somewhere before doing the discussion/review that alerts people that it’s a spoiler. *sigh*

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