Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Book Recommendations for Ravenclaws



Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. Every week there’s a new topic for a top ten list.


This week’s topic is Ten Book Recommendations for ______________. I went with Ravenclaws for my blank, so here we go:



1. Fangirl  I think other Ravenclaws will feel a kinship with Cath like I did. She’s smart, writes fanfiction, is a fangirl (obviously), etc. Just talking about this book makes me want to re-read it.

2. The Start of Me and You  There was a high level of nerdy stuff in this book (Quiz Bowl, nerdy banter, list making, etc.), so yay for that! Plus there were references to Harry Potter, and the Gilmore Girls…two of my favorite things.

3. We Were Liars – Like 98% of the time, I can guess the “twist” that’ll happen in the book before it happens. But this book actually surprised me. I never saw the twist coming, and it blew my mind. I’d highly recommend this one.

4. The Hating Game – One of my all-time favorite books. I love the back-and-forth banter between Lucy and Josh. It’s super entertaining, like read this book ASAP people entertaining.

5. Summer of Sloane – The writing is so beautiful in this book, and I think Ravenclaws will enjoy it immensely. It’s definitely a book that you could read in one sitting.


6. Legend  This book makes you think about society nowadays, and what the future could look like. As you’re reading, you’re trying to unravel what’s all happening/what will happen. June is a prodigy, so I think that might resonate with some Ravenclaws as well.

7. The Lunar Chronicle series  The females in the series are really smart, and pretty bad-ass. My favorite is Cress, but honestly they’re all great. I’d highly recommend these futuristic books, if you haven’t read them already.

8. I’ll Give You the Sun  The writing is absolutely amazing. Both Jude and Noah are creative, and intelligent…two traits highly prized among Ravenclaws.

9. The Anatomical Shape of a Heart – Both Bex and Jack are creative. It’s a little gorier than my usual reads (what with the cadavers), but I really loved it.

10. P.S. I Like You – There’s song writing, guitar playing, anonymous note exchanges, swoony romance, etc. What’s not to love in this very creativity-driven book?


Have you read any of the books I listed here? If so, what’d you think of them?

4 thoughts to “Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Book Recommendations for Ravenclaws”

  1. Strangely yours is the first Ravenclaw list I’ve seen today 😀 I mean there were like 3 Hufflepuffs and 2 Slytherin ones haha. Not complaining since I’m a Slytherin but did Gryffindors get lost on the way?

    Great set of books. Lunar Chronicles are just epic. I loved all the strong female characters in it and like the whole shipping game going on… Legend was awesome as well. I can’t wait to read Lu’s newest book Warcross.

    1. Yay! I was going to do a different list, but then someone pushed me to do Ravenclaw. Glad it’s unique at least. 🙂 Hahaha. Thanks! I cannot wait for Warcross either. Thankfully it’ll be coming out shortly, because I’ve been hearing AMAZING things.

  2. As a fellow Ravenclaw, I completely endorse this list! I’ve even added a few to my TBR 🙂 LOVE The Lunar Chronicles and Fangirl.

    *Stopping by from TTT

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