August 2016 TBR

Last month I read 2 of the books I listed for my July TBR. I was focused on editing a manuscript and therefore didn’t have time to read much. I like having a big TBR pile to choose from, so I’m going to keep doing this for a while. Here’s my tentative August TBR list. Obviously I won’t get to all these books this month. So like usual, whatever I don’t get to, I’ll push to the next month like I did with last month’s TBR. My two longer readathon/reading challenges for the summer (Virtual Adult Summer Reading Program and the Summer TBR Wipeout) run through all/part of August, respectively. Finally, there’s also the 4th Annual ARC August challenge. Therefore I’m hoping to focus mostly on ARCs this month, so I can get my Netgalley ratio up.


To read:

A Shadow Bright and Burning Girl in Pieces A Song to Take the World Apart The Star-Touched Queen And I Darken The Art of Not Breathing Did I Mention I Need You You Were Here The Art of Being Normal The Darkest Lie Up to This Pointe This Song Is (Not) for You Status Update Beta Test Enter Title Here Suffer Love Summer of Supernovas The Square Root of Summer The Inside of Out Wild Swans Just a Girl Calling It Undecided Ink and Bone Paper and Fire I Crawl Through It Passenger Now and Again Wrecked Learning to Swear in America South of Sunshine Tone Deaf First & Then Dreamstrider Anything Could Happen Vengeance Road Play On Thicker Than Water Soundless The Darkest Corners


Have you read any of these books? Which ones should I move to the top of my TBR list?

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