Loved That, Read This [5]


Loved That, Read This


I’ve been giving a lot of books recommendations lately, so I decided to start a new weekly feature. Loved That, Read This is all about recommending books! There’s no set amount on how many books you have to recommend per week, or restrictions on what genres/age categories you can feature. Just have fun with this! If you want to participate, please link back to me in your post, and then link up below via the linky! Okay, with that said, here we go:


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If you loved Divergent, then read Delirium.

I’ve been noticing people in the industry still steering clear of dystopian books, so in honor of my love for them, here’s a book rec. Both of these books feature a society surrounded by a wall, and the occupants are divided in some way (factions/factionless vs. cured/uncured). Both books feature main characters who slowly realize that their world isn’t what it seems.

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If you loved Scarlett Epstein Hates It Here, then read All the Feels.

These two books focus on main characters who are obsessed with either a TV show, or movie, franchise. Scarlett’s in high school, and Liv’s in college. Both girls express their grief over their respective fandom being cancelled by doing something creative. Scarlett writes fanfiction, and Liv starts a campaign (and does movie clips) to try and bring her fandom back.

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If you loved Sloppy Firsts, then read The Boyfriend List.

I’m giving two “older” series some love! Both of these main characters are very opinionated, and a bit out there sometimes. Each of the girls lose their best friend in some way (no, the best friends don’t die). The Jessica Darling series is 5 books (some of which are NA aged), and the Ruby Oliver series is 4 books.

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If you loved Remember Me?, then read Airhead.

These two books feature main characters (adult vs. YA) who don’t remember everything when they wake up. Their lives are changed when they wake up in the hospital after their accidents. Both books have a bit of darkness to them, and lots of secrets/lies that keep you flipping the pages.


Have you read any of these books? I’d love to hear your thoughts on them! Don’t forget to link up below with the URL to your blog post (not your blog), and your name. Then if you have some time, check out some of the other links!


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