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Loved That, Read This


I’ve been giving a lot of books recommendations lately, so I decided to start a new weekly feature. Loved That, Read This is all about recommending books! There’s no set amount on how many books you have to recommend per week, or restrictions on what genres/age categories you can feature. Just have fun with this! If you want to participate, please link back to me in your post, and then link up below via the linky! Okay, with that said, here we go:


Read This 13

If you loved Amy & Roger’s Epic Detour, then read Open Road Summer.

Both books focus on summer road trips, and music plays a big part in each. Plus there’s cute boys, which is always a plus! I think Morgan and Emery’s writing styles have the same kind of vibe, so if you love one, you’ll likely love the other. If you want to try out Open Road Summer, the Kindle ebook is only $1.99!

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If you loved Did I Mention I Love You?, then read The Possibility of Now.

The main characters are teen girls with estranged dads; in the books, they go visit/live with their dads. Romance is less of a focus in The Possibility of Now. One major difference is that Did I Mention I Love You? is the first book in a trilogy, and The Possibility of Now is a standalone. And if you haven’t read Did I Mention I Love You? yet either, the Kindle copy is $1.99!

Read This 15

If you loved I Was Here, then read My Heart and Other Black Holes.

Both books focus on the topic of suicide, so they’re a bit dark. I Was Here shows the aftermath after someone commits suicide, and My Heart and Other Black Holes shows the exact opposite: someone who’s considering suicide. I listened to the audiobooks for both of these, and highly recommend the narrators!

Read This 16

If you loved Twenty Boy Summer, then read The Start of Me and You.

These books have one major thing in common: the main characters’ boyfriends have died. They’re starting to put themselves out there again, considering the possibility of love once more. The friends are pretty awesome in these books. Yay girl power! If you haven’t read Twenty Boy Summer yet, the Kindle copy is $1.99 right now!


Have you read any of these books? I’d love to hear your thoughts on them! Don’t forget to link up below with the URL to your blog post (not your blog), and your name. Then if you have some time, check out some of the other links!


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