19 thoughts to “Make Me Read It Readathon Sign Up Post”

  1. Thank you for joining!!! There are so many good books here! I’ll Meet You There was one of my favorites of last year, and same with The Summer of Chasing Mermaids! πŸ™‚

  2. Exciting! I’ll take part too, but I have to narrow down my TBR a bit before I do the post.. πŸ™‚ I haven’t actually read any of the books on your list but there are a few I’m curious about so I’m voting for those! :p
    Good luck with the Readathon!

  3. Good luck!

    I really enjoyed the different vibe Written in the Stars had when I read it last year. Makes you think about your life and how women are viewed around the world.

    Also voted for the Red Queen because it was one of my faves from last year!

  4. I haven’t read any of the above yet either but I voted for Dreamology because I really want to read that one and have seen it on Instagram frequently. Also chose the book by Katie Cotugno since I have heard things about her books. Good luck with your reading. I can’t wait for this! πŸ™‚

  5. I haven’t read any of these either (I’m seeing a theme here!) I voted for the Ann Aguirre book because I’ve heard good things about her writing, and I’ve been wanting to try her. And for The Summer of Chasing Mermaids because the title intrigued me enough to look it up, and the premise and protagonist appeal to me.

    Whichever books win, I hope you enjoy the readathon! Please come vote on my books,
    Please come vote on my list, here.

  6. I haven’t read a lot of your list (only Red Queen, to be precise) so I voted on the ones that I would like to read, Dreamology and I’ll Meet You There!

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