Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Wishes I’d Ask The Book Genie To Grant Me



Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. Every week there’s a new topic for a top ten list.


This week’s topic is Ten Wishes I’d Ask The Book Genie To Grant Me. This is totally a fantasy of mine, and I’d be sooooo happy if there was a Book Genie out there to grant me all of my wishes.


1. Speed reading ability – I’d love to be able to read super fast. I could get a lot more books read in a year, which would be AMAZING!

2. My own personal library  My fantasy has always been to have my own library inside my house, because a room dedicated to my books sounds like heaven. Something along the lines of the Beauty and the Beast library 😉

3. Unlimited credit to buy books – I’d like to buy ALL THE BOOKS I WANT! That’s not asking for too much, right?

4. Being able to attend Hogwarts – OMG! That would be so incredible, because I mean I’ve only dreamed of going to Hogwarts since I was like 10 years old…

5. Writing my own bestsellers – I’m working on this one. I have one completed manuscript and another WIP that’s almost completed. I can’t wait to finally be published, and becoming a bestseller is just icing on the cake!

6. Access to all the ARCs – I’m still fairly new to ARCs, but I really like reading books before they’re published. I’d like to get as many as I wanted, whenever I wanted them.

7. Meeting my favorite authors – I’ve never met any authors, so I’d love to meet some of my favorites, whenever it’s convenient for me. Especially if they came to see me haha.

8. A time turner – So I have even more time to read, write, blog, etc.

9. New books on demand by my favorite authors – A new book from my favorite authors whenever I snap my fingers. I’d like one from Jodi Picoult, Sarah Dessen, Meg Cabot, Jill Mansell, Kiera Cass, Stephanie Perkins, Rainbow Rowell, Kasie West, Sarah J. Maas, etc.

10. All the book swag, apparel, etc. that I want  Because who doesn’t love book things?

11. Attending all the book conferences I want  That would be so awesome, especially since I haven’t been to one yet. There aren’t really any in the Midwest 🙁

12. Realistic book to movie adaptions  I’d totally sit through longer movies if they stayed true to the books they were based on. Just saying…

13. Real life book boyfriends  I’d be in heaven if my book boyfriends came to life, like Cricket Bell for example, and wanted to date me. YES PLEASE!


Did you have any of the same wishes as I had? It was really hard to pick just ten, so I had to do thirteen…

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