ARC Review: When the Stars Align by Jeanette Grey

When the Stars Align

Title: When the Stars Align
Author: Jeanette Grey
Publisher: Forever Yours
Publication date: September 1, 2015
Pages: 384
Source: Netgalley
Summary (via Goodreads): Their passion burned hotter than the stars . . .


For Josephine “Jo” Kramer, nothing has ever been easy. When she earns a summer internship in Puerto Rico, working at one of the world’s preeminent scientific facilities, she’ll let nothing distract her. Not her own insecurities, not the arrogant scientists, and definitely not her tall, chiseled research partner, Adam.


For Adam McCay, physics is simple-it’s women who are complicated. Especially brilliant, beautiful ones like Jo. From the moment they meet, he can feel the heat smoldering deep beneath her icy exterior. And Adam knows just what it will take to make Jo melt . . .


Under the endless stars of a tropical sky, Jo and Adam indulge their every desire. But as their internship comes to an end, their perfect island paradise is threatened. Was their time together a summer fling? Or is their passion hot enough to last the long winter nights?




This was my first time reading anything by this author. I really liked this book and ended up giving it 5 out of 5 stars. I’m so glad Netgalley approved my request for this eARC in exchange for a honest review.


One of the best things about the book was the setting. I loved that it was set in a foreign locale i.e. beautiful Puerto Rico. We got to see a little of it throughout the book, and it made me want to visit. I haven’t read a ton of New Adult books, but I loved that this one wasn’t set in college. It was something different, which is always a good thing.


Jo is a hard-working, closed off from the world character, but I didn’t have a hard time liking her. I think she’s still likable because we learn why she is the way she is; you can’t really blame her for pushing people away after what she’s gone through. She works so hard to be the best, and I think that’s admirable. She’s closed off because of her past, but really she’s just another young woman who has been hurt but really hopes for someone to connect with, someone to love her.


Even though the students are there to work, they still let loose and have some fun. Some of my favorite scenes are when they’re on field trips, or just hanging out at their houses in the evenings. We don’t get a whole lot of time with the secondary characters, but what we do get is pretty awesome. I really like Carol a lot, and Heather too. I don’t think I really disliked anyone except maybe someone’s father (if you’ve read the book, you know who I’m talking about).


Adam is amazing. I loved his character and added him to my book boyfriend list on Goodreads. He’s sweet, gorgeous, and smart. The list of his good qualities could go on and on, but I’ll leave it at three so I don’t gush too much. Jo and Adam seem like such opposites, so maybe that’s why the initial attraction is so intense. It’s cliché, but opposites do attract. I felt myself falling for Adam as I read, wishing he was actually real. Grey did a great job with the interactions between all the characters, especially between Jo and Adam.


I’m usually not a huge fan of dual POV, but Grey was really good at showing both sides of the story, at doing both a male and female perspective on a budding romance that might fizzle out at the end of the summer.


There were some great lines. A couple of my favorites were: “So many of her assumptions about him had been wrong, but he still gave off such a vanilla vibe.” and “And for a moment–one incredible moment–her chest cracked open, and she felt like she was just like those stars.”


Final note: This was an amazing book. If you’re interested in reading something that’s New Adult, or finding a fantastic book in general to add to your TBR list, I’d recommend adding this one. I’ll definitely be checking out Grey’s other books.

5 stars

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    1. Oh you should definitely check it out then! It’s a great read. It’s definitely not as sad as A Walk to Remember, but just as good in its own way. I’d say it’s a little more like The Last Song as far as characters, if I had to compare it to anything.

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