One Month Blogoversary

It’s been exactly one month since I started my blog. The time sure has flown, especially with one week being dedicated mostly to Pitch Wars and my manuscript. I’ve enjoyed my weekly meme posts that I’ve done (Top Ten Tuesday, Waiting on Wednesday, and Stacking the Shelves). I think they’ll continue to be a regular weekly thing. Most of my posts have been created the day before, or the day of, that they’re supposed to be on my blog. I need to dedicate some time to working ahead. That way if I do get busy, I already have posts scheduled and can stop worrying so much.


I’d just like to thank everyone that has viewed and/or commented on my posts, those who have subscribed to my Emails, or followed me on Bloglovin’. You guys rock!


I can’t wait to continue this journey with all my friends by my side. I wanted this to be a short post, so I’ll finish it off with some of my stats from my month of blogging.


Site stats:


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